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General Questions

What does FIVECLAWD mean?
FIVECLAWD is a reference to talons on Chinese Dragons. In depictions of dragons in Chinese art, a dragon with five claws represents the emperor, while one with four claws would represent a prince.

Why are Chinese dragons so cool?
They’re powerful, they’re long, they can fly without wings. Nice!

What's CindryShoo?
CindryShoo is a side brand focused on pop culture, anime, and manga.The products are normally found at anime conventions in Australia.



When will my order be shipped?
Your order will be dispatched in 2-4 business days.

How fast is shipping? (National, within Australia)
National shipping is organised through Sendle or Australia Post. The orders take an estimated 3-9 business days.

You can check their estimated delivery times here.
Just set the pickup location to Melbourne, VIC 3000.

For small goods packed in letters via Auspost. This is to reduce the shipping cost for flat items.

How fast is shipping? (International)
International Shipping is organised through Sendle. The orders take an estimated 5-20 business days.

Here are Sendle's postage time estimates as per November 2023.

New Zealand 4-11 days
US 10-20 days
UK 5-18 days
Canada 10-20 days
Europe 5-20 days
Rest of the world 14-30 days

Shipping delays?
If you are worried that there are no updates regarding tracking with the courier, please give it 5 business days for an update. Due to COVID-19 there may be delays with your package so your patience is appreciated.

If needed feel free to email with your order number.

What do I expect for preorders?
Preorder deliverables are detailed in each product page. Majority of updates can be found on the cindryshoo twitter. If you have any questions feel free to email with your order number.



How do I find my right size?
Each apparel listing has an image of the measurements so you don’t have to look for them!

How to wash your shirt/hoodie?
We strongly recommend cold washing, flipping the shirt inside out, and hanging dry.

To help maintain your printed garment please do not iron the print, tumble dry or dryclean.

Will the apparel shrink?
Our apparel is either 100% cotton or an 80% cotton blend. To prevent shrinkage we highly recommend washing it by the description above.


Small Products

Why is my charm peeling?
All my charms have 1 or 2 sided acrylic plastic film that projects the charm, feel free to peel it off before displaying your charm or keep it on until you'd like to peel it.

Colour differences?
Product photos may look different from on screen displays, please note this is not a manufacturing issue.



What is your returns policy?
If you would like to return a whole or partial order, you may return the unwashed/unworn item(s) at any time up to 7 days after the delivery date of your order. Please note that you will be responsible for the shipping cost of returning the item(s).

I have a question about my order or products, who do I contact?
Please email us at and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Can I edit my order?
Due to the way the system works with logistics, we can only edit an order to change size and product type before it is shipped out. After dispatch day we are not able to change any details on the order. So please get in contact with us within 24 hours.

Can I cancel my order?
As long as your order is still pending, we will be able to refund your order. Please contact with the subject line “CANCEL ORDER” and your order number. We’ll get back to you ASAP.