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About Us


FIVECLAWD is a brand which mashes Asia’s mythical culture with modern design.

Based in Melbourne, Australia. We love dragons, streetwear, and art which incorporates culture.

FIVECLAWD is a reference to the talons on Chinese Dragons. In depictions of dragons in Chinese art, a dragon with five claws represents the emperor, while one with four claws would represent a prince.

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_about Cindryshoo

Cindryshoo is an art streamer and artist who sells at anime conventions!

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_about Everything

This is where I tell you I'm actually a one woman band! I really appreciate all your patience and support when placing an order for anything in this store. This is truly my blood, sweat, tears, and my babies.

If you have any issues, please do just throw me a message on my socials and I'll help as soon as I can!